Dancing with Goddess by Deanne Quarrie, D.Min.

Try to imagine beautiful women working together in love and trust, honoring their Goddess, provider of all. These women are wild women, which mean they are free spirits – connected in all ways with their environment – in tune with the energies about them, in tune with their own energies, unafraid and bold in how they live their lives. This is your birthright – to live freely and without fear. You cling to what you know is right in your heart. You trust that you will always have what you need. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to love. You dance with the wind, revel in the warmth of the sun, and play like a child in the rain. You are these Amazon Women, now, in this place, in this time, wild and free, strong and beautiful.

Dancing with Goddess by Deanne Quarrie is a first book primer for a woman just coming into Herself as Goddess! $16.95 paperback, $9.95 Kindle eBook. Cover art and page image by Andrew Morton, II

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