About Deanne Quarrie, D.Min.

While given the name Deanne at birth, Deanne is known in the Goddess community as Bendis, “Fierce Huntress of the Two Spears.” She spent the early part of her life as a student of world religion, beginning with her first term paper at the age of fourteen, which was on the topic of comparative religion. Her work as a Goddess woman began in the eighties and has been dedicated to helping women toward self-empowerment and in sharing the ecstasy of our Dance with Her. Her contributions have been devoted towards weaving webs across boundaries and continents, networking and pointing seekers far and wide, serving as moderator for many e-groups, serving as both peacekeeper and technical advisor for thousands of women as they grew in Goddess. She loves being in service to Goddess and promotes learning through diversity–a life-long passion for her.

Deanne loves to write and has published five books on Goddess spirituality. Her works include Dancing with Goddess, From the Branch – The Ogham for Spiritual Growth, Annym Billagh – Healing with the Tree Ogham, and Ogham Twigs, and her book containing her poetry, Her Breath. She is an Adjunct Professor at Ocean Seminary College and has taught a wide range of courses in the Department of Neo-pagan Studies. Her writing has also been included in three anthologies, Nature’s Treasures, She Rises, Vol.II and Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess. She also contributes as a guest blogger for several blogs.

Deanne is the founder of The Apple Branch–A Dianic Tradition, offering a mentoring program for women who wish to be of service in their communities as priestesses. She has ordained various women from all backgrounds into the Dianic tradition. Deanne also founded and runs the organization “Global Goddess“, an online community of women who are committed to social/eco justice. She is the publisher of their online magazine for women, the Global Goddess Oracle. Deanne has served her local Goddess community in Austin as a member of the Board of Directors for the First Austin Circle of the Re-Formed Congregation as well as co-facilitator for the Ritual Planning Circle.

Deanne believes that each of us is our own teacher and with gentle facilitation, we all can “open to possibility” and enjoy life to the fullest.

Deanne does this is her own life by having a deep connection to all living things. She has found allies everywhere – on the Earth, in the Sky and in the Sea – in trees, birds, animals and stones. By tapping into her own Sacred Fire she has found joy in sharing with others. Nature is a beautiful teacher and by opening to wisdom from everything around us, we can all connect to the abundance offered to us.